Do you want to learn more about (water) gardening and how to strengthen the city ecology of Amsterdam? In June we opened the public artwork Otterdam in the Westerpark. Otterdam is an experimental breeding ground for all kinds of indigenous water plants that are lacking in our city ecology. On 2 and 9 September we are hosting two rounds of workshops.

The Otterdam water garden is a breeding ground for all kinds of water plants species. The installment is a place to connect with life in and around the water. In this workshop, we investigate the existing ecological structures of the city form the perspective of the otter. How can we increase the biodiversity of Amsterdam in general? How can Amsterdam become a city for the otter? And how can Westerpark become a place to live for the otter?

Water gardening
We learn about the special species of plants that grow in the Otterdam garden. How does the otter live and what how the biodiversity of its habitat look like? We will discover how water gardening actually works by planting some of them on the waterside and on the allotment itself.

The workshop will be hosted by Theun Karelse.

Location: Westerpark, Waternatuurtuin (at the Gashouder)
Dates workshops: Saturday the 2nd and 9th of September
Time: 14.00h - 16.30h

Participation is free of charge.
Registration is needed, register via:

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