Totems of Life

by Natasja Alers in Radical City inc.

In this project, Natasja investigates the loss of biodiversity in the urban environment with the help of an urban ecologist, biologist and bird expert. The Totems of Life form a unified habitat for urban endangered species such as sparrows, starlings and insects like wild bees and bumblebees. Central to the research and work is that the totems make a diverse contribution to urban life. The first form studies have been conducted and are part of the exhibition Radical City inc.

public space - exhibition

Totems of Life

prototype sculpture

The totem has multiple symbolic meanings that refer to family clans and the supernatural, such as legends and stories about animals and mythical creatures. The Totems of Life are an ode to the flora and fauna of Amsterdam by placing them symbolically and practically on a higher pedestal.

The goal is to develop a new sculptural work that, layered in heights, accommodates various endangered urban animals. The work is a spatial and visual statement that thus actively contributes to the urban biotope. The form of the Totems of Life derive partly from the needs of urban animals and partly from Alers' recognizable, organic style.

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