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The Radical City inc. bicycle tours introduce places and works in the city of Amsterdam that resonate with the formation of a nature-inclusive and climate-proof city. The tour passes places of significance in the fields of architecture, urban planning, art and design. The tours can be followed independently using (online) routes and with supporting information about the destination locations. This requires a smartphone.

The bicycle routes North and West are now available via Google maps in the links below the articles (scroll down). The full program of the East and South routes will also be published on this page soon. For more information please contact Pauline Duijndam: pauline@transnatural.org

Radical City inc.

Bike tour Amsterdam-Noord

The bike route of Noord guides you along different forms of sustainable, nature-inclusive and climate-proof housing and building. Central to this are circularity and the connection with the environment, nature and seasons. For example, Palais Récup is built from only reused materials and the residents of the KasHuis regulate their own indoor climate and energy consumption. 

The efforts of citizens, designers and social entrepreneurs become visible in the route through collective green initiatives such as the circular floating residential district Schoonschip and creative breeding ground de Ceuvel. Where Schoonschip's sustainable houseboats float on the IJ, de Ceuvel has lifted old houseboats ashore to clean up the heavily polluted site of the shipyard.

During the bike tour, there is plenty of opportunity for relaxation. Stop for a well-deserved drink at Pompet in the Noorderpark or stroll through the rampant nature of the Vliegenbos, Amsterdam's oldest city forest. There is more to discover and explore in the observatory of the butterfly garden Mot van Mokum, another great spot for a short pit stop and walk when the sun shines.

Start the North bike tour via Google maps.

Creative breeding ground the Ceuvel
Mirror mirror, Children of the Light i.c.w. HOH Architecten, photo by Jordi Huisman

Radical City inc.

Bike tour Amsterdam-West

Discover the most beautiful gardens, hidden nature and art on the bike tour through Amsterdam West. The route starts from our gallery Transnatural with the exhibition Radical City inc.. Here, artists and designers give visions and insights into the city of the future. The point of departure of the exhibition is to create an urban environment in which humans, flora, fauna, environment, objects and architecture constitute one balanced system. 

From Transnatural, set course for the Erasmus Park. In the park you will find the Miracle Garden. Here, special flowers and plants are growing that not only contribute to the biodiversity of the surrounding neighbourhood, but also have been beautifully captured by visual artist and photographer Elspeth Diederix. In a tunnel under the A10 near Sloterdijk Station, you end up in the light-reflecting artwork Mirror Mirror by Children of the Light, a place of wonder both inside and outside off the beltway.  

Gather inspiration for climate proof lifestyles and ways of working together as a community at Amsterdam Vertical, Spaarndammerhart - de Verbinding and Klimaattuin Slotermeer. If you feel like rolling up your own sleeves, you can pick your own bouquet at Pluktuin Lokale Bloemetjes or seasonal fruits at the Fruittuin van West. Finally, experience nature barefooted at the Natureluur or spot rare animals in one of the last pieces of wild nature in Amsterdam, the Lange Bretten. 

Start the Bike tour West via Google maps.

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