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Illume Loop

prototype sculpture

Light pollution is a common problem in the Netherlands. Especially the densely populated Western part of Holland is known as one of the most illuminated and polluted areas in Western Europe due to high concentrations of fine dust and nitrogen. Illume Loop, a project by Mae Engelgeer, brings social awareness by playing with the reflection of artificial and natural light in the urban environment. The first model of Illume Loop has been developed and is part of the exhibition Radical City inc. at Transnatural. After optimizing, a 3 x 3m version will be placed in public spaces.

Besides ecological damage, air and light pollution cause the amplification and disruption of natural colors in our sky and environment. This provides new insights, yet also literally deprives them. As a result, we lose our view of the natural starry sky and the concept of 'night' has become an endangered state.

Illume Loop experiments with reflecting, distorting and reproducing light, shapes and colors in the environment. The design consists of five reflective connected circles that reference the sun as a natural light source. The negative space between the circles create a unifying effect with the landscape and ecology.

This project is an ongoing research into greater safety, functionality and aesthetic beauty in cities, seeking a balance between light, life, architecture and ecology.

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