The Radical inclusive City

Pakhuis de Zwijger / Thursday 7 December

The current dynamics of climate change and ecological degradation present pressure on our urban landscape. Therefore, a different approach to urban design becomes a necessity. What if we take not only humans but all life as a starting point for the (re)design of the city? During this evening, we will explore the challenges of urban development from various perspectives. The guests will reveal philosophical insights, innovative ideas, and practical applications for creating a climate-resilient and more than nature-inclusive city.

Speakers are: Glenn Albrecht, Theun Karelse, Restor.Eco / Mick Santos, Green Quays / Harold van den Broek, Cruydt-Hoeck / Jojanneke Bijkerk and Jasper Helpmantel
Moderator: Bahram Sadeghi

Our first guest is philosopher and environmental activist Glenn Albrecht, founder and advocate of the term Symbiocene, presenting a paradigm shift out of the current human-dominated Anthropocene. During this evening, Glenn will share philosophical insights into our earth-related emotions and encourages us to achieve a deeper harmony within System Earth, fostering a symbiotic coexistence.

Taking the holistic approach of System Earth, we’ll look at concrete examples from several perspectives. Mick Santos from the open data platform will discuss how this platform supports global efforts in environmental restoration by sharing scientific data and information. Artist Theun Karelse will present his recent project, Otterdam, a “floating allotment” designed to make a livable city for the otter, humans, and nature within Amsterdam’s Westerpark. Through this project, Theun explores the integration of marsh and aquatic plants into our urban landscape.

Harold van den Broek, a landscape architect with the Municipality of Breda, shares with us the innovative project Green Quays in which a vertical ecosystem will be realized in the quays of Breda’s urban river the Nieuwe Mark. Lastly, Jojanneke Bijkerk and Jasper Helpmantel, from Cruydt-Hoeck, share how they enhance biodiversity with ecologically fitting seed mixtures, tailored to the local landscape. With their expertise, they guide others in cultivating vibrant flower meadows in our landscape.
Date: Thursday, December 7
Time: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, 1019 HC Amsterdam
Admission: Free (reservation required)

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The evening is curated by Arjen Bangma i.c.w. Janna Vink & Zella Ludolph

Supported by: Transnatural LabelStimuleringsfonds Creative IndustrieAmsterdams Fonds voor de KunstPrins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VriendenLoterij Fonds, Mondriaan fonds , Gemeente Amsterdam

Photo: Big as Plates # Karin (Norway 2019) © Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen

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