Dreamscape Field of Joy

Tactile experiences unifying material & senses

The Dreamscapes series of organic design create intimate, tactility experiences that unify material, human senses and space. One or several parts of the Dreamscapes design occupy the space in various positions of desire. The fluctuating yarn- and object heights result in soft landings.

The landscapes are hand crafted with soft, natural, sustainable fibers using a mix of traditional tufting techniques with 3D embroidery. These Dreamscape series are especially designed for Transnatural. The tapestry not only treats the human body well; the acoustics performance increases at the same time.

Designer Alfhild Kulper explores the field of designing durable, artistic tapestry. As working as a fashion designer for Dutch Maison Viktor & Rolf for 10 years, Alfhild has recently turned her practice from dressing up the body towards dressing up our living spaces with these soft shaped textile tapestry, with a strong connection to the human body.

Please contact us for bespoke design projects as well.

Size: appr. 2100 x 1550 mm
Colours: gradients of green
Materials: tencel (Eucalyptus yarn, 80%), wool (20%)

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