___In spring and summertime, the Amsterdam canals are overflowed with tourists on water bikes. Compared to the many motor-driven boats, the water bikes do not necessarily harm the canals’ ecosystems, but they also do not benefit them. What if there was a way in which these tourists could actively contribute to cleaning the polluted water in the canals?

Traditionally, eco-tourism is about conserving the natural environment, traveller responsibility and education, and active community participation. In this neo eco-touristic Waterbike and Hike, participants are not asked to conserve the ‘natural’ habitat but to actively regenerate the ecosystems that have been damaged by mankind. Together with transdisciplinary artist Ivan Henriques, participants will go on a water bike expedition and collect water- and soil samples for further investigation. What can the bacteria from these polluted waters yield?  What can be learned from them and how can this be used in new design opportunities? These and other questions will be explored during the adventurous expedition and workshop.

In his work, Ivan Henriques explores the hybrids between nature and (technological) culture. He developed the Caravel, an autonomous, floating mobile robotic structure that harvests and stores energy from Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC) and, simultaneously, cleans polluted water surfaces.

Caravel is part of the Regeneration exhibition that runs until 27 April 2017 at Transnatural gallery.

More information about Ivan Henriques: ivanhenriques.com

Participation & registration
If you are interested in joining the Caravel Workshop, please send an email to for further information and registration.
Participation fee is 30 Euro (students 20 Euro).

Workshopleader: Ivan Henriques
Dates:  22 April
Location: Transnatural
Price: 30 Euro/ participant (students 20 Euro)

For enrolment and queries contact:

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