___ In the workshop Stuff with Attitude participants will experiment with lo-tech materials, generating energy or determining colour in material for example. An experimental approach dictated by process paves the way for new insights. After an open discussion and brainstorm, the boundaries of the options provided by the nature of the materials will be explored, in order to design by an (un)controlled process.

We can power a light using fresh fruit. Generate energy and create colour by utilising the anodisation from titanium plates. But what else is possible? The design process is about the instruction of nature. Form, content and technique come together through the process.

Lex Pott will lead the workshop. His work explores the boundaries of a material’s potential and consequently tries to manage its properties in order to use it in design.

Dates 2012: Sat. June 2, more to come
Time: 10.00h – 14.00h.
Price: € 35 (incl lunch)
For enrolment and queries contact academy@transnatural.org