___ In the workshop Stuff with Attitude 1.1 lead by designer  Jólan van der Wiel participants will experiment with low-tech materials & forces of nature which generates new design. An experimental approach dictated by the forces of nature used in the design and production process paves the way for fresh insights.

From a starting point that everything is influenced by gravity, we’re going to use and manipulate this natural phenomenon to design. The magnetism eventually directs the end shape of the object. The magnetism machine will make it possible to efficiently produce objects in combination with special developed plastics. In this workshop you will discover how to make your own objets by magnetism.

What are we up to in this workshop?
Jólan will give a short introduction about my experiments with magnetism, including all projects he has done so far. Maybe we’ll be in touch by skype with Iris van Herpen too (not sure yet, depends on her busy time schedule). Next step is to introduce everybody to the magnetic plastic in combination with the production machine. Eventually everybody will make his/her own object.

Workshop leader and designer Jólan van der Wiel works with joined cooperative forces of combining technology with natural phenomenas. He consequently tries to manage these forces in order to create refreshing design. He recently developed the Gravity machine and Acceleration machine with important starting point of new means of inspiration with surprising results.

Workshop leader: Jólan van der Wiel
Dates 2013: Sat. 14 Sep., more to come
Location: Joan Muyskenweg 19, Amsterdam
Time: 10.00h – 15.00h.
Price: € 55 (incl lunch)
For enrolment and queries contact academy@transnatural.org