___The workshop RE -SEA ME explores the enormous potential of tanning fish skin to leather (which even corresponds to the properties of pig skin leather). A large amount of the waste from the fishing industry consists out of waste of fish skin. This approach dictated by sources of nature used in the design and production process paves the way for fresh insights, sustainable use of the amount of organic skin waste out of the fish industry. At the same day (18 March) the Playing Life – Biotalk is running at Mediamatic where the project also is showcased, check the line-up here.

Setup workshop
In this two hour workshop researcher/ designer Nienke Hoogvliet guides you in the process of making fish leather from a fresh salmon skin in a completely natural way. The workshop starts with an introduction by Nienke. Each participant will tan a skin and which can be transformed into a product in the end. The workshop is part of the exhibition Playing Life exploring the emerging field of creating and working with living materials as a medium for the development of innovative projects.

About Nienke Hoogvliet
In general Nienke examines the possibilities of using organic products out of the sea. She highlights enormous sea pollution problems, by showing that the organic sea materials can be (re-)used. In her former project SEA ME Nienke made a knotted yarn of seaweed.


Join the facebook event: https://goo.gl/nVPLm1

Workshopleader: Nienke Hoogvliet
Dates: Friday 18 March and Friday 15 April 2016
Locations: Mediamatic (the 18th) and 15 April at Transnatural Workspace
Time: 10.00h. and 14.00h.
Price: 30 Euro/ participant

For enrolment and queries contact:
janna@transnatural.org (academy@transnatural.org)