___ In this workshop designers, programmers, artists and electronic tinkerers develop prototypes for new energy harvesting machines. These are wireless devices that harness energy from their im-mediate environment in order to do something interesting, beautiful, funny, or even useful. Energy can be tapped from the sun, from water, from the wind, from chemical reactions, from motion, from ambient radio, or whatever other non-grid source.

The workshop consists of 3 events that take place over a 6 week period. The entire process will be followed by a blog on the Transnatural website. The aim is to develop work and documentation material that will be part of the exhibition Things That Mind Their Own Business and the Transnatural festival exhibition in may 2012 in the NEMO Science Center.

price:  € 25 / half day, incl. lunch
duration ± 4 hours, 3 half days over a period of 6 weeks
dates: Sat. 17 Dec., Sat. 14 Jan., Sat. 28 Jan. 14.00h

Registration and questions via academy@transnatural.org