___ Tele-presence technologies extend our bodies beyond biological boundaries in time and space, but they prevent us from touching. How can we design new tools to extend our senses next to seeing and hearing? The E.E.G. kiss lab investigates how a kiss can be translated into data. Can we measure a kiss and what kissers feel together? Can we transfer a kiss and it’s intimacy online ? Can we save our private kisses in a database to be used by others? Through performances and live kissing experiments with E.E.G. head sets to measure brainwaves, visitors of the festival will contribute to an ongoing research to develop a digital kiss ritual.

Thanks to: Technical University Delft, TNO, Baltan Laboratories & Holst Center Eindhoven; TASML Tsinghua University Beijing; Mondriaan Foundation.The artists:  ‘In a poetic electric environment for kissing and measuring, for our desire to synchronize and merge, we research a new sensory synthesis for online kissing.

artists: Karen Lancel & Hermen Maat