___ As a Transnatural ‘shareholder’ you support the development of art and design parallel to technological innovation and scientific developments. Developments that move towards different insights and identifiable, new solutions to the benefit of man and nature.

Returns come in the form of enriched knowledge, access to the network, events and special gatherings, discounted art & design collection purchases, and above all your contribution to a ‘smart future’ where nature and technology flow together.

Donor or shareholder, what is the difference?


As a shareholder you can become acquainted with top (international) creators and thinkers. A few times a year we organise a special gathering for Transnatural creators, thinkers, shareholders, donors and sponsors. Taking part in all Transnatural activities is free as is entrance to events.

The shares start at € 250 (or higher). You can choose to invest in the organisation in general terms or specifically in the development and production of one particular (product) design or work of art. To register or for further information about investment options contact: info@transnatural.org


Donations are gifts ranging from € 50 to € 249 per year. You get discounted or free entry to events, discounts on activities held by Transnatural Academy (conferences, workshops and readings) and reductions on purchases from the art & design collection. In the case of donations over €175 you will personally receive an invitation to special gatherings for creators, thinkers, shareholders and donors. For registration or other information contact: info@transnatural.org. Please ensure to include your name and the desired donation figure.