___The DDW 2017 show was very pleasing. Transnatural presented two exhibits in the VDMA building together with the Envisions collective and various inspiring artists & designers. The Robotanica exhibition accompanied the Label showcase and launched new art and design products.

The Robotanica exhibition series explore a new wilderness of technological & hybrid species. The arrival of robotics within the natural environment marks a shift in time. It shows how robotics play a role or will manifest itself within our changing ecology.

Robotanica still runs at Transnatural HQ till 11 May, followed by the outdoor exhibit in the Tolhuistuin 25 May – 8 June 2018.

The show had great interest from over 25K visitors and it got pickup up by various, broad sorts of media. An overview of some interesting articles or video’s: Dezeen, Creators project, Archipanic, Fast.Co.DesignVPRO (national TV, NPO Cultura),  Frameweb & Eindhoven TV (local broadcasting channel).

Highlight of the DDW according to a.o. : VPRO top 10, Bright tv, E52, TL magazine (announced as New Dutch Icon).

New Label releases

___The Hairy Tales edition series of modular objects designed by Martijn Richters and Fabio Hendry, is the first new collection item in line. Hairy Tales creates a sustainable surface-altering process through the use of the natural and abundant material of human hair.
In the Wood Crystals project by designer Aad Kruiswijk residual city wood are cut into crystal shaped forms for indoor and outdoor purposes. The outdoor Wood Crystals have outstanding properties to serve humans as well as the urban environment.

More information: www.transnaturallabel.com