___Over 28.000 persons visited the Regeneration exhibit at the Dutch Design Week. The show got noticed by various press channels like VPRO, The Creators Project, De Betere Wereld and RTL Live. The exhibition continuous in Amsterdam till 28 April and Regeneration – Biotalk days are organized at Mediamatic upcoming period, so stayed tuned. Photos of the Dutch Design Week show can be viewed here.

Regeneration explores the possibilities of regenerating our current, man-damaged ecosystems. The exhibition will show a variety of projects by artists and designers who deal with issues involved with this ecological regeneration and, simultaneously, they investigate newly possible resources derived from these regenerated ecosystems. A side program that consists of talks, demonstrations and workshops accompanies the exhibition. Regeneration opened on Friday 30 September in the Transnatural gallery in Amsterdam and will travel to Eindhoven for the Dutch Design Week in October.