___ Ben Nelemans (VUmc, NL)
The spine as the ultimate structure;

Britta Bouwman (Hubrecht Instituut, NL)
The uselessness of junk DNA;

Jop de Vrieze (NL)
Happy Little Accidents: Scientific results by accident and by improvising;

Maurizio Montalti (IT/ NL)
In the System Synthetics research project two fungal organisms that can turn man-made synthetic materials, plastics, into harmless bio-mass;

Terry Vrijenhoek (UMC Utrecht)
How to tread uncertainties: about personal DNA codes;

Virgil Rerimassie (Rathenau Instituut)
How to tread uncertainties: about new technologies to arrive;

Tim Baart (TU Delft, NL)
About Quatom computers are mush smaller and have more calculation capacity than regular computers;

Daniel Berio (IT/ NL)
Computer constructed Graffiti

Professor dr. Peter Bentley (UK)

and many others.