___ Technology was the means by which we separated ourselves from nature, and escaped its limitations. In the 21st century we move beyond the animosity between nature and technology. In a lot of areas we see new fruitful collaborations and new kinds of unity: in our dealings with the environment and with energy, but also in arts, architecture, fashion and games.

What will this transnatural world look like ? Is this a next evolutionary step, or merely a changed perception of ourselves ?

Transnatural  festival 2010 is the first edition that will show to young and old the most interesting attempts from art, design, and science to fuse technology with nature. A glimpse of a new and rich world with transnatural architecture, installations, games and more.

Exhibition: Fri. 19 February till Fri. 19 March 2010
Conference: Sat. 13 March 2010
Workshops kids and youth: Mon. 1 March till Fri. 5 March

Location: deVerdieping/ TrouwAmsterdam, Wibautstraat 127 Amsterdam

Please visit the festival website for more information: www.transnatural.nl