___Transnatural festival showcases future scenarios & innovation from the creative industry and business. The programme focuses on up-and-coming technology that can support, as opposed to desecrate, the natural world and ecological wealth.
A multi-faceted mixture of national and international creators, thinkers and businesses includes leading examples and work from R&D labs, studios and research institutes. The participants will showcase at the NEMO Science Center to a wide public audience.

The theme for the third festivals is The state of Autonomy. The core question: how can we apply our technological knowledge without infringing upon nature? How far can we push the limits and how can we act within them?  The festival shows autonomous beings, systems, processes, and innovative materials that are able to – be they organic, man-made or hybrid – act independently. We explore generative systems, open-source biotechnology, new ways to harvest energy and food,  and the use of existing sources and materials in an intelligent manner.

For more information, the festival website: www.transnatural.nl