___The Unknown Mine Zone offers a collection of Amsterdam-based and traveling exhibitions and activities, with the exhibition at Transnatural marking the official opening on October 16th in our new exhibition space in Amsterdam. Through this exhibition, the participating artists and designers are encouraged to involve the public in their experiments to develop and present work.

A huge threat on shortage of raw materials is rising due to the growth of the world population and consumption on goods. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, the use of raw materials has grown exponentially and stocks have decreased dramatically. Should the extensive mining of metals continue in its current pace, we will run out of supply on various levels before the end of the 21st century.

With the stock of various raw materials rapidly diminishing, The Unknown Mine Zone exhibition series explores new and innovative alternatives regarding mining and the use of (other) material resources, and emphasizes the merging of natural and artificial systems. By critically reflecting on the effects of historic mining processes on our ecology, the exhibitions offer a way to change our human footprint and explore efficient ways to restore the damage.

Besides Transnatural has partnered up with Nieuw Dakota, the EYE Filmmuseum, NDSM and Oerol Festival to present a varied selection of works that engage and educate a wide and diverse public on this pressing theme.

Participants & projects at Transnatural
Xandra van der Eijk & Kirstie van Noort (NL)
Teresa van Dongen (NL) 
Dillon Marsh (ZA) 
Adam W. Brown (US)
Concr3de (NL)
Johan Grimonprez (BE)
Xandra van der Eijk
Onkruidenier & Overtreders W (NL) 

Additional participants at Nieuw Dakota
MAEID (GER) & Concr3de (NL)
Kosuke Araki (JP)
Tamara Orjola (RUS)
Bela Rofe (AU)
Pleun van Dijk (NL) & Fred Erik (BE)
Onkruidenier (NL)

Opening: 16 October 2020
Exhibtion at Transnatural : 17 October – 25 June 2021
Open: Tue. – Fri., 10.00h – 17.00h / Sat 13.00h – 17.00h
Address: Jan van Galenstraat 125, 1056 BL, Amsterdam

Nieuw Dakota: 18 April – 6 June 2021
EYE film museum: Tuesday 1 June

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