Jólan van der Wiel (Gravity material, stools, NL),  Pascal Smelik (Kaarsrecht project, NL), Ruben Thier (Organic factory, NL), Thijs Rijkers (SpunPlastic experiment, NL), Tjeerd Veenhoven (Palmleather, NL), Lex Pott (workshop Stuff with Attitude), Mike Thompson & Gionata Gatto (workshop Recycleight), Transnatural Video Bar (video events), professor Sybrand van der Zwaag (lecture Self Healing Materials) a.o.

___ The following chapter goes by the title Smart as matter, and will include new work, workshops, readings and presentations.

With Smart as Matter we take a deeper look into the transnatural content of new designed materials with unusual and innovative qualities: self repairing surfaces, flow conducted paint, metal with shape-memory, live and self generating ink, contorting textiles, organic tissue that transfers data.

We will also take a fresh look at materials that have been in use for a considerable length of time. Familiar materials can potentially behave in ways that are unfamiliar to us until we decide to reconsider them. The majority of designs are required to retain their form. Most objects are made of materials that are expected to retain a particular shape and colour even when they are not naturally inclined to do so. The potential dynamic of the material is more often than not seen as a problem that requires a solution rather than a quality that can feature in the design. Glass is a slow flowing liquid, however glazing design tends to ignore this fact. Wooden floors work, although it’s not desirable.

What possibilities arise when you approach material not as something to be forced to behave as though it were stable and inert and instead approach the material as something that should continue to evolve? Children’s clothing that continues to grow? Posters that change colour over time and reveal new images? Buildings that adapt to the weather?

Smart as Matter is about attitudes of new and old materials, and about the attitude of people relative to the sort of material from which they create things.

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