___Regeneration explores the possibilities of regenerating our current, man-damaged ecosystems. The exhibition will show a variety of projects by artists and designers who deal with issues involved with this ecological regeneration and, simultaneously, they investigate newly possible resources derived from these regenerated ecosystems. A side program that consists of talks, demonstrations and workshops accompanies the exhibition. Regeneration opens on Friday 30 September in the Transnatural gallery in Amsterdam and will travel to Eindhoven for the Dutch Design Week in October.

Mankind is on the brink of creating the largest industry thus far: geo-engineering. Geo-engineering is the human intervention that is needed in order to maintain our natural environment. How to deal with issues of extreme drought, rising water levels, pollution, and waste? What tools can be used to regenerate our ecosystems? The Regeneration exhibition delves into these and other questions.

For example, the ReGen Villages project shows how water management and waste-to- resource systems can be used to harvest energy and food in a local living environment, artist and researcher Ivan Henriques shows his purifying and energy-generating water-robotic Caravel project, and designer Robyn Tayler Payne presents her Mist Collecting Surface that offers a solution to irrigation problems in dry environments. These and other projects on display uncover a world in which infinitely sustainable, circular systems dictate. Mankind, nature, technology and economy are balanced again.

The creative industries thoughtfully pick up on this fast-growing domain in which biological and technological knowledge, speculation, tradition and practice merge. Regeneration explores the diversityand recent developments within this compelling bio-cultural landscape.

Projects and particpants:
Caravel / Ivan Henriques (BR), The Salt Project / Eric Geboers (NL), Interwoven / Diana Scherer (NL), The Floating City / Blue21 (NL), Post-Fishing / Inês Marques (PT), Mist Collecting Surface / Robyn Tayler Payne (UK), ReGen Villages / ReGen Labs (NL) & Effekt architects (DK)

++ Dutch Design Week participants:
The Living Light / Ermi van Oers (NL), GeoMerce / Gionata Gatto & Giovanni Innella (IT), Cocoon / Land Life Company (NL), Medusae Project / Charlotte van Alem (NL)

Transnatural Workspace:
Dates: 30 Sept. – 26 Apr.
Closed: 24 Dec. – 3 Jan. due to the Christmas holiday
Open: Tue. – Fri., 10.00h – 17.00h / Sat. 13.00h – 17.00h.
Address: Lijnbaansgracht 148a, Amsterdam

Dutch Design Week
Dates: 22 – 30 Oct.
Address: Veemgebouw STRP-S, Torenallee 80

Regeneration Biotalk days
Dates:  Thursday 15 Dec. & Thursday 16 Mar.
talks, demo’s, workshop day & night at Mediamatic.

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Supported by:
Transnatural LabelCreative Industries fund NLAmsterdams Fonds voor de KunstVSBfonds, Fonds21Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds