___ The exhibition Linking Parts collects (proposals for) linking ‘devices’ that lead to different forms of collaboration. New, smart entities are shaped by the combination of modern and classical components.

What happens if we throw the capabilities and features of humans, animals, plants and machines all together and consider them as possible parts of new entities? Without any rules and pre-occupations about where a new combination should fit in, we let these new entities lead their own course. Linking Parts of micro organisms that degrade plastics into harmless material, machines that give suggestions during the design process or bee burrows made from city wood waste to support the survival of the bee.

In the annual theme Teaming UP! Transnatural looks at different kinds of collaboration and organisation. These collaborations can lead to systems of combined cleverness that, compared to earlier collaborations, are profitable for all parties, instead of just human beings.


Maurizio Montalti (IT/NL) – System Synthetics
System Synthetics is a multidisciplinary design-research project in which a new symbiosis is being explored. The project stimulates the collaboration between two fungal organisms that can turn man-made synthetic materials, plastics, into harmless bio-mass. In this way Montalti uses a symbiotic process to improve human health and the functioning of eco systems.

Chrisian Fiebig (GER/NL) – Computer Augmented Crafts
Computer Augmented Crafts is a computer interface that does design suggestions to the designer by following the design process – with the use of webcam registration. The interface indicates new ways of design processes and gets the most out of modern technology, without dropping the advantages of craftsmanship.

Aad Kruiswijk (NL) – Bee Inc.
The bee is having a hard time. It’s difficult for bees to find an appropriate burrow, especially in the urban environment. Bee Inc. cares about bees and has developed burrows in which bees can nest. These burrows are made from residual material city wood, each one of them is cut in another diamond shape and is therefore unique. Bee Inc. helps bees reintegrate in their ever-changing environment.

Samira Boon (NL) – Interactive elevator
How can uncomfortable rides or gatherings get more attractive and even be a reason to communicate with strangers? For the Architextiles research project designer Samira Boon explored how to transform an elevator into a more dynamic, interactive space, inviting the users to connect.

Thomas Maincent (FRA) – Frogcast
Unfortunately this work got lost in transport so we’re unable to show it.
Atmospheric pressure cannot be felt by (most) human beings, but is measured by intangible devices. Thomas Maincent wanted to make atmospheric pressure more tangible, to enhance trust into weather forecast. By letting nature speak, this device gives more answers than man-made technological tools.

Stuff with Attitude 1.1 by Jolan van der Wiel, Design with Magnetism (Sat. 14 Sept).
More workshops t.b.a.

Opening: Saturday 14 September 18.00h
exhibition  17 September 2013 – 10 January 2014
Open: Tue. – Sat. 10.00-17.00h
Lijnbaansgracht 148a

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