___ The adventurous Discovery festival 2013 starts at Friday 27 September 2013. The Amsterdam edition full of live scientific experiments, art, design and music will be hosted by Transnatural in Trouw Amsterdam this year.
With its theme No Order and related instability of the time we live in, we investigate this ‘new order’ in chaos with another approach and show facts. The diverse program will be enriched with an exhibition for the first time in the existence of the Amsterdam festival. It all guarantees an inspiring night and week for young makers, thinkers, researchers, students pro’s, basically all people who love new, interesting things. Of course it’s a perfect motivation for a good party too!

Exhibition a.o.:
Mimicry (Monobanda, NL) / Fiet (Studio Toer, NL) / DIY (Drone it Yourself, Jasper van Loenen, NL) / Plastap (Studio Aan, NL) / Graffitizer (Daniel Berio, NL / IT) / Labyrinth Psychotica (Jennifer Kanary Nikolov, NL) / Darwin Tunes – Survival of the Funkiest (UK) / Het Leven van de Dode Blauwe Kolibri (Jessica de Boer, NL) / (Tim van Elferen, NL) / Adaptive Hardware – The Computer that Never Crashes (Peter Bentley, University College London, UK) / My Cage (Elon Lieberman) / The Becoming of Author of space – (Alexander Kraemer, NL / GER) / E-Tapas, workshop (by Bartaku (BE) & Baltan Laboratories)

Music icw Les Enfants Terrible:
Dinky (CL) / Edward & Oskar Offermann (GER) / Carlos Valdes (NL) / JP Enfant (NL) / Morphosis / Donato Dozzy (IT)

More t.b.c.

Fri. 27 Sept. 21.00h – 05.00h. / Sat. 28 & Sun. 29 Sept. 16.00h – 00.00h / Mon. 30 Sept: closed / Tue. 1 Oct till Thur. 3 Oct: 14.00h – 22.00h / Fri 4 Oct. & Sat. 5 Cct: 16.00h – 00.00h.

Location: Trouw Amsterdam/ De Verdieping,

Wibautstraat 127, Amsterdam