___ In collaboration with the EYE film museum, BEYOND Biennial will organize two unique nights full of (interactive) artworks, performances and short presentations. On these EYE Nights we will explore the boundaries of technology, of the human body and the limits of our perception. Not just by sitting and watching, but through interaction, experiences and experiments. The nights seamlessly fit with the thematics of the films of David Cronenberg, whose work is presented in an exhibition at EYE Film institute during the summer.

The distinction between virtual world and physical world is fading. In the first night on Sat. 6 Sept., titled The Reality Shift, we reveal how physical and virtual worlds intermingle under the influence of the most recent media, and how that causes a spectacular shift in perception.

In 3rd, a reality game by Monobanda & Dus Architects, one can virtually step outside the body. Quasigroup ‘s live audiovisual performance Cronenberg will premiere this night and is a tribute to director David Cronenberg. Four short fragments from films like Scanners, Videodrome, Dead Ringers and Naked Lunch will be manipulated live, revealing the beautiful details of these film fragments.

How does the ICT-revolution change our way of thinking? This question was proposed by the European Commission to a group of scientists from diverse backgrounds. This evening we will discuss the findings from The Onlife Manifesto that was published in june of this year. ‘Onlife’ is a portmanteau word of ‘online’ and ‘life’, to indicate how the two get more and more intertwined.

Finally, Algae Opera, one of the most remarkable opera’s ever produced. Algae Opera symbolises the symbiosis between humans and organisms. By breathing, the operasinger feeds algae that cicle through a ‘mask’ on her head. These algae can be fed to the audience Besides listening, we are able to taste her singing. A special singing technique and high lungcapacity provide for a sweet or bitter taste.

EYE Nights, Sat. Sept 6th (The Reality Shift) &  Sat. 13th (Body Hacking)
Location: EYE , 21:00h – 
 presale € 10 | door € 12,50 | CJP € 10. Presale via www.eyefilm.nl
The Reality Shift exhibition, Wed. Sept. 17th – Fri. Sept. 26th, Tolhuistuin