___ In collaboration with the EYE film museum, BEYOND Biennial will organize two unique nights full of (interactive) artworks, performances and short presentations. On these EYE Nights we will explore the boundaries of technology, of the human body and the limits of our perception. Not just by sitting and watching, but through interaction, experiences and experiments. The nights seamlessly fit with the thematics of the films of David Cronenberg, whose work is presented in an exhibition at EYE Film institute during the summer.

On this second night at Sat. September 13th we will literally enter and off balance the human body. Artist Luis Fernandez will show his project BRAID. BRAID consists of headsets that enable you to influence the vestibular of the other. This interaction could take place between two people, or between a person and a virtual personality.

In the DIY Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) experiment a magnetic field is sent throught te brain. TMS enables the stimulation or the shut-down of brainarea’s without cutting. Taking part in this experiment is at your own risk.

In the most recent project by Sander Veenhof it is possible to read the thoughts of people around us by using a hacked Google Glass. Last but not least; what exactly happens in the brain while kissing will be explored in EEG kiss i.c.w. Baltan Lab and Holst Centre.

EYE Nights, Sat. Sept 6th (The Reality Shift) &  Sat. 13th (Body Hacking)
Location: EYE , 21:00h – 
 presale € 10 | door € 12,50 | CJP € 10. Presale via www.eyefilm.nl
The Reality Shift exhibition, Wed. Sept. 17th – Fri. Sept. 26th, Tolhuistuin