___ It seems we are witnessing a shift in time with the arrival of robotic creatures and evolved hybrid species in the natural environment. Robotanica deals with the arrival of robotics in nature and exposes, questions and investigates projects that effectuate surroundings. Is it possible to solve the extinction of animals or plants by replacing them with (half) robotic versions? How can robotics support as well as enrich both mankind and nature to overcome environmental damage caused in the past? And how do we deal with this new, networked, wilderness and its evolution? Robotanica delves into various perspectives and aspects of these new creatures that (going to) inhabit our surroundings with artists, designers and scientists. A side program that consists of talks, demonstrations, performance and workshops accompanies the exhibition. Robotanica opens on Friday 15 September in the exhibition space of Transnatural Art & Design in Amsterdam, then travels to Eindhoven for Dutch Design Week in October 2017, and ends with an outdoor exhibition in the garden of Tolhuistuin Amsterdam which includes a lecture & performance program at the EYE film museum in June 2018. The Robotanica exhibition in the Tolhuistuin will show a unique setting of living robotic creatures in the outdoor park. Projects & Participants Woodpecker / Rihards Vitols (LV), Human Sensor / Kasia Molga (UK), Tumbleweed Robots / Shlomi Mir (IL), The Weather War / Bigert & Bergström (SE), DelFly Explorer / TU Delft (NL), ReEarth / Interactive Architecture Lab (UK), Second Livestock / Austin Stewart (US), Vessels / Sofian Audry, Stephen Kelly & Samuel st-Aubin (CA), Insect Biobots / North Carolina State University (US),  Wood Crystals / Aad Kruiswijk (NL), A diverse Monoculture / Jip van Leeuwenstein (NL), Autonomous Agriculture / Johanna Schmeer (GER), Head in the Clouds / Martins Afonso & C. Faure (FR), Staphyloculus  / Theo Triantafyllidis (US/GR), Cow & Co / Anastasia Eggers & Ottonie Roeders (GER) Robotanica x EYE on Art Plasm / Tez (NL/IT), Harvest / Hertog Nadler (NL), Seamless & Staphyloculus / Theo Triantafyllidis (US/GR), Mother Earth Network / Elise Marcus (NL) Visit the Robotanica website to view the whole program. Tolhuistuin Dates: 1 - 15 June 2018 (free entrance) Address (exhibition): Tolhuisweg 5, Amsterdam Robotanica x EYE Date: 12 June 2018 Address: IJpromenade 1 Get your tickets here Transnatural Workspace Dates: 15 Sept. – 11 May 2018 Open: Tue. – Fri., 10.00h – 17.00h / Sat 13.00h – 17.00h Address: Lijnbaansgracht 148a Amsterdam Dutch Design Week Dates: 21 – 29 Oct. 2017 Address: VDMA gebouw, Vestdijk 25-27, Eindhoven Visit the Robotanica website Join Facebook event  Download press kit Supported by: Transnatural LabelCreative Industries fund NLAmsterdams Fonds voor de KunstVSBfondsFonds 21Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds