___ Ever since the industrial revolution mankind has caused severe damage to the environment and ecosystems.  The Soil Movement exhibition investigates new ways of revitalizing these damaged ecosystems focusing on soil in the first chapter. The aim in the first place is to make it habitable again. At the same time these systems activate new methods to harvest food or to mine raw materials for example. Second step is to see if these projects represent a new world where man, nature and the economy can expand in a circular loop, without destructive consequences. The Soil Movement exhibition will be organized in Transnatural Workspace Amsterdam and it travels to the NRW forum in Düsseldorf.     The Soil Movement explores the new, fertile ground with projects and participants a.o. : GeoMerce  / Gionata Gatto & Giovanni Innella (IT) Farming The Pollution / Giacomo Piovan (IT) The Wandering Hole / Hannah Hiecke (GER) Cocoon / Land Life Company (NL) Claynialism / Masha Ru (RU), Arie Syarifuddin (ID), Atelier NL   ++ NRW forum / Sustainica 2 - 5 June Fungi Mutarium / Katharina Unger (AU) TulipPigments / Tjeerd Veenhoven (NL) Curated by Arjen Bangma.   Transnatural Workspace Dates: 22 Apr. - 26 Aug. Open: Tue. – Fri., 10.00h – 17.00h / Sat. 13.00h – 17.00h. Closed: Thur. 5 & Fri. 6 May / 27 May - 14 Jun. (open at NRW-forum in Germany) Sat. 20 Aug. closed due to the holiday period. Address: Lijnbaansgracht 148a Bg Amsterdam NRW forum / Sustainica 2-5 June  Dates: 2 – 5 Jun.  Address: Ehrenhof 2, 40479 Düsseldorf NRW- forumSustainica Join the facebook event here. Download the press kit.  Supported by Creative Industy fund, NRW- forum, Sustainica, Transnatural Label