___From 1 st to 15 th June 2018 ROBOTANICA Exhibition travels to Tolhuistuin for a joined event: the cultural centre in Amsterdam Noord opens its garden to a rich program of workshops and demonstrations. Transnatural is looking for enthusiastic volunteers who want to join the art production team.

ROBOTANICA delves into the entry of robotics in nature and the arising of a new wilderness, that includes technological and hybrid creatures. The exhibition will show a variety of projects by international as well as national artists, designers and scientists who explore this shift within nature and inquire about the influence the entanglement of technology with ecosystems has on the Anthropocene – the period of time that is characteristic of the enormous impact of mankind on planet earth. (www.transnatural.org/robotanica)

As a volunteer, you will give guided tours to visitors and keep an eye on the exhibition space. You will volunteer one or more days during the 1 st -15 th  of June. We also need some help during the set-up (29 th -31 st of May) and the completion of the exhibition (16 th of June).

We offer you an inspiring and educational experience, where you will have the chance to learn and get involved in art production and presentation activities. All travel expenses are refunded.
If you are interested or if you want more information, please send an e-mail to: roberta@transnatural.org