___ Jelle Feringa is currently writing a PhD thesis, titled Design-by-Simulation, exploring the potential of simulation for architectural conception, at the HyperBody Research Group, TU Delft. He is a founding partner in EZCT Architecture & Design Research. The work of EZCT is part of the permanent collection of the Pompidou Center and the FRAC Orléans collection. In 2007 the office won the Seroussi Pavilion. Jelle has taught and lectured at the ESA, Paris-Malaquias, ETH, TU Delft and Aarhus School of Architecture.
Projects have been exhibited at the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, 2004), Archilab (Orléans, 2004), Barbican Gallery ( London, 2006 ), Design Miami/Basel (Miami, 2007), Pompidou Center (Paris, 2007), Maison Rouge (Paris, 2007), Architectural Association (London, 2007), ScriptedByPurpose (Philadelphia, 2007) International Biennial of Sevilla (Sevilla, 2008), Vivid design gallery (Rotterdam, 2009 / 2011). Jelle’s thesis focusses on the close coupling of advanced simulation methods with evolutionary computing methods. Early research results have recently been exhibited at the transNatural (Amsterdam, 2010) and at “Alles, was Sie über Chemie wissen müssen”, Club Transmediale exhibition (Berlin, 2011). At  the Hyperbody group, Jelle has been exploring novel CNC fabrication methods for the production of large volumetric elements, by means of hotwire cutting. Currently, Jelle is working on setting up a robotics lab to further continue this angle of research. For his research work, Jelle relies on OpenSource software. Working together Thomas Paviot, Jelle has been driving the developement of an open source CAD framework, PythonOCC a CAD/CAE/PLM development framework for the python programming language.