About Transnatural

___Transnatural offers an ongoing cultural program and represents Transnatural Art & Design Label.

Transnatural envisions a world where man, nature and technology merge. Technology supports the natural world and ecological wealth. The platform works with a multi-faceted mixture of national and international creators, thinkers, businesses, R&D labs, studios and research institutes.

Transnatural shares knowledge and encourages dialogue amongst creators and the public through events. The program transcends the traditional boundaries between nature and technology with a combination of art, (speculative) design, and emerging technology. The projects are staged through various events to a national and international audience.

The Academy organizes related workshops and readings with recent technical developments, research and design methods for professionals. Transnatural events are organized in the headquarters in Amsterdam and presented to a wide audience in institutes like the Centre for Innovation and Design in Grand Hornu, NRW forum in Düsseldorf, Glass museum Shanghai , MoMA New York, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and Dutch institutes like EYE Film Museum, Tolhuistuin, Mediamatic and the Dutch Design Week.

The Art & Design collection and its artists are represented in the Label and is sold worldwide to a wide range of B-to-B and B-to- C clients. More information on the commercial department: www.transnaturallabel.com

Transnatural Team

Director/ curator: Arjen Bangma

is working as curator and label owner in the art & design industry for over more than 10 years. With his strong fascination for innovation and technology, Arjen initiated and curated dozens of cultural events and exhibitions ranging in the fields of new (experimental) and audiovisual media to upcoming product design and fashion.

He founded Transnatural and as artistic director he formed the organization to a unique vehicle where cultural and commercial aspects meet within an essential philosophy and brand.

Project manager / Producer: Roberta Colavecchio

is active within the cultural field as producer and in the commerical field as online marketing strategist. Roberta has been working for Transnatural for four years, started as intern, she’s now  operating as a project manager for Transnatural Label and as assistant producer for Transnatural events.

Program maker: Klaas Kuitenbrouwer

is a media researcher, publicist and organizer. Klaas  programmes cutting edge conference programmes, courses and workshops for professionals in divergent fields of media, technology and culture. Specialism: interdisciplinary knowledge areas, hybrid development, convergence culture and transmedia developments, game theory, participatory culture and the practice of art. Klaas works for the Virtual Platform as programme-designer and lectures at the Rietveld Academy.

Curator / Program maker: Imke Ruigrok

Interns: Bela Rofe & Stephanie Busuito

Board members
Mila Schlingemann (Head program EYE Film Museum)
Michel de Rooij (Director Nowhere)
Jozef Hey (Director Beamsystems)
Toon den Heijer (Artist Venture Capitalist)