About Transnatural

Transnatural Arts, Research & {future} Design is where art & design meets and intertwines with technological & scientific innovation. In the Transnatural culture technology plays by the dynamic rules of nature.

We share knowledge and encourage dialogue amongst creators and the public through cultural events. The program transcends the traditional boundaries between nature and technology with a combination of art, (speculative, future) design, and emerging technology. Exciting work out of artist studios, design studios, labs and companies is visible in the Transnatural Workspace and outdoor events. The Academy organizes related workshops and readings with recent technical development, research and design methods for professionals. The inspiration days offer groundbreaking thought, new insights for individuals and groups with no prior knowledge. A cutting-edge Art & Design collection and its artists are represented in the Label.

Transnatural Team

Director/ curator: Arjen Bangma

is working as curator and label owner in the art & design industry for over more than 10 years. With his strong fascination for innovation and technology he initiated and curated dozens of cultural events and exhibitions ranging in the fields of new (experimental) and audiovisual media to upcoming product design and fashion.

He founded Transnatural and as artistic director he formed the organization to a unique vehicle where culture and commercial aspects meet within an essential philosophy and brand. All cultural activities and the label collection are related to a envisioned world where nature and technology completely merge. Just born or ready made solutions, fruitful ideas and thoughts for the present and the upcoming future.


Project manager / Producer: Nienke van der Wal

has a Communication graduate and is active within the cultural field for some years acting as a producer, communications expert and programme designer. Nienke has worked for Amsterdam Underground Festival (initiator), Paridiso and the Cobra Museum a.o. now she’s operating as a project manager and producer for Transnatural events.


Programme Designer: Klaas Kuitenbrouwer

is a media researcher, publicist and organizer. Klaas  programmes cutting edge conference programmes, courses and workshops for professionals in divergent fields of media, technology and culture. Specialism: interdisciplinary knowledge areas, hybrid development, convergence culture and transmedia developments, game theory, participatory culture and the practice of art. Klaas works for the Virtual Platform as programme-designer and lectures at the Rietveld Academy.


Advisor/ Programme Designer: Arne Hendriks

is curator, researcher and artist operating in the fields of art, design and new media. Previously curator at Mediamatic and creative producer for Platform21 from 2008 to 2010, he conceived and organised projects including ‘hacking IKEA’, ‘Repairing’ and ‘Cooking & Constructing’. Arne is a lecturer at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) and develops and programmes in collaboration with the Waag society PhDo, a platform for research in the creative sector.  Following his participation as artist/researcher at Transnatural festival 2011 launching his project The Incredible Shrinking Man Arne is a member of the curatorial team.